Work to study program: how to make a study guide step-by-step

Have you found yourself procrastinating on your tasks indefinitely?

Do you study for an exam just the night before, under the pretext of having fresh concepts? Also, do you go partying the night before the exam, trusting your instinct? IF this is your case, then, you need to learn how to work study program RIGHT NOW.

The good news is that in this article I am going to show you how to make a study guide. But first, let’s see what it is and why you should have it as a habit.


The study guide is the most important of the 10 study habits of every good online student. Not making a plan before studying is like going out to paddle in the middle of the sea heading towards nothingness. For that reason, it’s very important that you understand how working to study program can elevate your academic success.

What is work study program?

What is work study program? Before we get into the subject, let’s put into context what is meant by study guide.

Study guide is derived from the Latin word ratio stodiorum which means rational organization of studies.

Furlan (1996)

A study program or study guide is a systematic model developed before carrying out an idea. By study, we understand that it is the exercise or effort to understand or learn something. On the other hand, through study, we can also investigate and reflect on an object or a question to learn from it.

In that sense, a study guide is a system of steps that are developed before embarking on our journey by learning a specific object of study. There are dozens of study guide definitions for different contexts. For the article at hand, this is the most appropriate.

Synonyms of study guide

A study guide is called in different ways, according to the context in question. It is also named with the following expressions:

  • Study guide of studies.
  • Study program.
  • Class program.
  • Content plan
  • Curriculum.

However, these terms refer specifically to a study guide designed by an educational institution. In the course of this article, you will learn how to work to study program yourself.

Why do you need a study guide?

There is no pre-designed study guide for everyone. Much less for all subjects or all circumstances. Each student must have their own personal study guide. I do not recommend copying the guide of a partner, this can be fatal: everyone has their own circumstances and these affect them differently.

Study guiders, the beginning of a long career of academic success. But don’t kid yourself, carrying a very rigid study guiders as bad as not carrying any. One of the things that study planning is recommended for is because of the hectic life we lead today. Time is getting out of hand without us noticing!

To give you an idea of the importance of following a good plan, let’s take the example of Ted, who thanks to the help of Niklas Goeke, passed 6 exams with excellent grades in 7 days. Moreover, he completed an MBA in 4.5 months. For those who don’t know him, Ted is a coach and coach at

In the following image, I share Ted’s diploma:

MBA done in 4.5 months thanks to a good curriculum


Of course, it is not necessary to hire a coach to show your work to study program fully.

Returning to our topic, the main reason for planning is to set priorities. Once established, we must have the ability to respect and carry them out. Work to study program to make it look nice or just uploading it to social networks and seeing how many likesit adds to your Facebook profile is not a good idea. You must be serious about this, in the end, the benefit is only for you, not for your fans or your «digital friends».

How to work to study program? 8 tips to prepare the ground

Warning: studying is something very serious. In this section of the article, I will seriously show you Work to study program. If you won’t take it seriously, don’t waste your time and get done something else.

We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process to stay on top of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people to learn.

Peter Drucker

1. Setting Short-Term Goals: The Beginning of Your Work to study program Success

This ensures permanent motivation. Short-term goals allow for their review in less time, giving us the necessary impetus to continue to the next step of our plan.

Profitable App

Note: it is very important to set milestones, set goals with a predetermined time, you can do it every month or every two months. Remember that this makes more sense when you analyze the goals achieved or analyze them because you did not achieve them. For these cases, your plan should have the flexibility to include the new changes.

2. Set achievable goals

This is another great motivating factor. At this point, it is necessary to forget about motivation and focus on what we can actually achieve. Setting a goal of «passing three college subjects this month» will only lead to disappointment. Our brain works best with a reward system. If you achieve what you set out to do, you give your psyche explosive motivation to continue.

3. Start the plan with what you like least

I will never forget Professor Julio, of morphology and syntax. Julio always said that the subjects that we like the least, are the first that we must study and to which we must devote the greatest effort. Professor Julio explained the logic that it is better to make sure that we are going to pass this matter, so as never to see it again.

4. With a group plan it is much better

Human beings are very social, we love to relate. A group study plan helps you with interaction in others. Put collaborative learning into practice. If you study online, you can put these groups together through chat or video conferencing tools, taking advantage of them to develop and execute the plan together.

5. Do not select the following as a strategy: study only 5 hours, one day a week

Instead of studying everything in a single day, better distribute those hours throughout the week. Your body, mind, and grades will thank you. But above all, your brain will thank you, it is not designed to endure so much time in the same activity.

Note: The professional has a schedule that he or she adheres to. As we say in my Dominican Republic, that schedule must be respected rain, thunder or wind. It must be the most serious thing you set your mind to. A good help is to use the Pomodoro technique.

6. A study plan is not set in stone

Although we already talked about this in point 1, it is necessary to elaborate on it. All university students take several subjects at the same time. Also, those who study massive open and online courses, the so-called MOOCs. The study guide should adapt to changes and be managed in the shortest possible time.

7. Create your own «Study Area»

Create your own study area. Come to think of it, you can use your creativity and name it. This will give it uniqueness and importance. If space allows, you must create two study areas, so that you alternate between one and the other.

Now you see how comforting it is to learn Work to study program?

Your study area should be clean and without distractions. Seriously, no distractions. Turn on the smartphone’s airplane mode. Forget about putting it on vibrator, this mode is more annoying than the sound of incoming calls. Niklas recommends that a study area should minimize stress to maximize focus.

8. Cultivate good study habits, but above all, sleep well

I have written an article where I explain the most effective study habits to succeed. And one of those study habits that never fails is to take enough rest.

Albert Einstein is one of the most brilliant scientist’s humanity has ever had, but do you know that he was fantastic? I slept 10 hours, every day! Einstein had an amazing brain, but boy did he take care of him!

Let’s look at another example: one of the greatest basketball players of all time, Lebron James himself, sleeps 12 hours a day.

Do you think I could have performed the same without not sleeping so much? If it works for the big guys, because it wouldn’t work for you.

Note: Set a bedtime alarm. Almost everyone programs it just to get up. Plan the alarm also to alert you to bedtime, at least until you get used to it. Download an app to your regulation weapon. Don’t worry, I’m talking about your smartphone.

Creating a Successful Personal study guide in 5 Steps

Again, there is no foolproof formula that will ensure your academic success. This will depend on many factors, which are often out of your reach. But if you learn Work to study program by taking into consideration the following tips, you will surely be very successful.

1. Set learning objectives

It is the beginning of every plan. If you’re going to make a plan, you should first know where you want to go. Set these objectives according to the subject or theme of the class you are studying.

2. Create the strategies of each objective and the activities that you will carry out each of them.

All plans should be created under this scheme: objectives, strategies, activities. In that same order, each subordinate to the previous one. But do not complicate yourself, you can choose a single objective, two or three strategies and one or two activities for each strategy. Nor is it that you must make «a four-color dossier for a business presentation». Keep it clear, concise and simple.

3. Create a timetable of your activities

Creating this table will allow you to closely track your daily activities. This in order to discover what is the most comfortable time of day and with fewer interruptions to study. In the table, you should write down your daily activities, at least for a week. The essential tool for this exercise is MS Excel.

You can create a list of each of the actions you will perform. For example, if you have scheduled to attend 10 lectures on Egypt’s history, your list should look like this:

  1. Attend the History of Egypt I conference
  2. Attend the History of Egypt II conference
  3. Attend the History of Egypt III conference

And so, until the tenth conference. The list must be accompanied by a space to check the performance of each action next to it.

4. Develop a schedule and stick to it!

You’re already halfway through your learning about Work to study program. You’re doing very well.

Now that you know what is the ideal time to study each day, you should write it on a study calendar. Don’t leave it in mind. You should develop a schedule and place it on your agenda. Seeing it written makes you give it more importance and should be as important as an appointment with your doctor. It is important that you write down the subjects to be studied on each day of your study schedule.

Once you develop your class schedule, you should take it seriously. Not complying with it is like making preparations for a party, and after you are dressed, you decide to stay at home. Do not walk through life stumbling, make your plan and stick to it! This will help you cultivate character and give more importance to your commitments.

5. Determine your study goals.

You have already established the study objectives, with their respective strategies and the activities that derive from them. You also know the right hours to study in the week. In addition, you have developed a good study schedule. What’s next? Now you need to set study goals.

It is advisable that at the beginning of each week you determine that you need to study and what you plan to achieve with each class. For example, you may ask yourself: do I want to study for an exam? Increase the average of my grades in this subject?, Do I have to study to deliver an internship on time? But most of all, your goals should be realistic!

If you do not have homework or exams assigned, it is advisable that you read complementary materials regarding the next subject that you have assigned in your study schedule. For example, on Monday it’s time to study Egyptian history, but you don’t have any assignment of that subject in the week. So, you should read some material related to the history of Egypt. It is a good way not to get lost from the established schedule.


Work to study program is not included in the school study guide of many countries. In fact, teachers hardly talk about it and when they do, they don’t give it proper importance. Obviously, this problem causes tremendous trauma in university life.

Since we were not taught it in school, we must learn it now. Remember that our success in life depends only on us, so make one of the best decisions of your life and start your study plan right now.

You know, some other recommendation to work to study program. Share it in the comments.

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