What is grammatical sentence and difference between sentence and phrases

In this text, I will discuss the meaning of the sentence and what is the difference between sentence and phrase’s sentence and the phrase. We will also see some examples that will help us to better understand the difference between the two. To understand the meaning of the sentence, first, let’s look at its etymology.

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What is a sentence?

The sentence is a grammatical unit with complete meaning. It consists of a subject and a predicate. It begins with a capital letter and ends at a period, question mark or exclamation mark.

The sentence, along with the phrase, is also known as a statement. Another term by which sentence is known is proposition.

The above is a basic definition, not a technical one. So that the reader can understand the concept in a plain way. Some of the following definitions may be more technical and others more specific, so we invite you to read the full article.

What is the etymology of sentence?

To understand the meaning of a word, it is always advisable to consult its origin. So what is a sentence? Let’s look at the etymology of prayer.

c. 1400, sentencen, «to pass judgment,» from sentence (n.) or from Old French sentenciir, from Medieval Latin sententiare «pronounce judgment upon,» from Latin sententia. Specifically as «condemn» (to a punishment) is by 1590s. Related: Sentencedsentencing.

From this root are formed the words speaker and oratory, that is, the techniques of producing attractive and persuasive speeches. These two terms are typical of Greek rhetoric.

A sentence is a sound in itself on which other sounds called words may be strung. You may string words together without a sentence-sound to string them on just as you may tie clothes together by the sleeves and stretch them without a clothes line between two trees, but — it is bad for the clothes.

[Robert Frost, letter to John T. Bartlett, Feb. 22, 1914]

What is a sentence according to the Oxford Dictionary?

The Oxford Dictionary defines sentence as «a set of words that is complete in itself, typically containing a subject and predicate, conveying a statement, question, exclamation, or command, and consisting of a main clause and sometimes one or more subordinate clauses».

The Oxford University’s online dictionary lexico.com, the same dictionary google uses in its search engine, defines the sentence as the «syntactic unity consisting of subject and predicate, implicit or explicit.»

Difference between sentence and phrase

Let’s talk about the difference between sentence and phrase. But, first, we must address the definition of phrase. The phrase is a set of words that form a complete meaning, but do not always constitute a sentence.

Before proceeding with the difference between sentence and sentence, it is worth noting what the CVC cites with respect to the difficulty of delimiting the term from the grammatical point of view. This is so, because the concepts of sentence, unit of analysis of syntax, and statement, unit of analysis of the language in use, are confused.

Now, the difference between sentence and phrase is that the phrase does not necessarily carry some verb in a personal way. As a rule, the sentence should have one or more verbs conjugated in a personal way.

Let’s look at some examples of the difference between sentence and phrase:

Phrase: What a beautiful park!

Sentence: My son Andres is playing in the beautiful park on the corner.

Phrase: You were wonderful!

Sentence: My husband gave a wonderful farewell speech.

Phrase: Dominican Republic enjoys a very pleasant climate!

Sentence: Dominican Republic has pleasant weather conditions for sightseeing.

In the last example, the phrase does apply as a sentence, since it enjoys all the characteristics of the sentence. But the sentence in this example does not qualify as a phrase.

Examples of Sentence

Since we explain extensively what a sentence is, below, let’s look at some examples of a Sentence.

Examples of grammatical sentence

My mom bought a very nice car.

Peter went to work yesterday, but missed today.

Siegfried has a white horse.

The president will speak to the country today

Pepe married Cuca 25 years ago.

Puerto Rico is one of the Greater Antilles.

The capital of the Dominican Republic is Santo Domingo.

John Paul did not attend classes yesterday.

What is a Sentence?

What is a sentence according to the dictionary?

More examples of grammatical sentence

The company’s account executive has just resigned.

The electric utility company announced that this weekend there will be blackouts due to scheduled maintenance.

The Minister of Education announced today that all schools will start the face-to-face modality on Tuesday of next week.

The president of the United States announced on Tuesday morning that he will send troops to Ukraine, in the face of an imminent attack by Russia.

Mark proposed to Mary two days ago, but Mary has not yet given him an answer.

Josefina broke up with her boyfriend two months ago, but at his insistence, she returned to him.

Priscilla got a job in the office of Don Pepe, the lawyer who became famous for his histrionic style on the stand.

What is a grammatical sentence according to linguists?

The etymology of a Sentence helps me understand its meaning

Juana is the wife of Marcos, the blacksmith who has the largest workshop in the province.

Christians say that Jehovah is God, and that his son Jesus Christ died for us, will it be true!

They say that all truth is found in the Bible, why don’t we read it yet?

How would a linguist answer the following question: what is a grammatical sentence?

Examples of Sentence help me understand the concept.

What does sentence mean for religious?

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